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Satellite Space

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As a volume user of satellite space, Metrovision offers some of the most competitive rates for analog and digital Ku Space segments. We facilitate, book and manage domestic, transatlantic and international satellite links, C/Ku Turnarounds, and standards conversion.

HD Encoders

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Clients in remote locations and venues rely on our stand alone HD encoders. Housed in three rugged flypack cubes as a complete system, they are designed to be shipped anywhere in the world. They have been engineered for quick set up and can be operational within moments of arrival.

Wireless Camera Links

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Wireless Camera link: A clip-on microwave transmitter that mounts between the camera back and battery. It uses reliable COFDM digital encoding to transmit broadcast-quality HD, SD/SDI or video, with up to eight channels of embedded digital audio and two channels of analog audio.

No way to cable a camera to a truck or flypack? Our Wireless Camera Links make it no problem.